What's happening at St Andrew's URC

Membership Class
Are you interested in joining St. Andrew’s URC Brockley as a full member? We offer membership preparation classes on request. Please speak to one of the ministers.

Bible Study Series on Mark’s Gospel
Bible Study Series Starting Up Soon. Watch for the dates. Everyone is welcome. Come join the fun. (No need to register; just show up!)

What's happening in the wider United Reformed Church

Service of Reconciliation at Westminster Abbey
St. Andrew’s sent a coach full of members to attend the Service of Reconciliation, Healing of Memories and Mutual Commitment for the Church of England and the United Reformed Church, held at Westminster Abbey on 7 February 2012. The service marked the 350th anniversary of The Great Ejection of 1662, when more than 2000 ministers stepped down from their pulpits and left their positions in response to the Act of Conformity under Charles II. The service also marks the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of the United Reformed Church in Westminster Abbey in 1972. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. Rowan Williams, preached. Many clergy and laity of the United Reformed Church and the Church of England attended, as well as representatives of member churches of Churches Together in England.

Westminster Abbey service album

What's happening at South London Citizens

Dec 2011 News

Kevin Minnott , member of St. Andrew’s, is now the Lewisham Borough Co-Chair of South London Citizens! Kevin, along with leaders from Prendergast school, collected the Borough of the Year Award for Lewisham for 2011. We’re proud of you, Kevin!

CitySafe Action in Brockley: We were there! On Friday 2nd December, on Brockley Road, Lewisham over 800 people (of which 600 were school children from eight schools) came together to celebrate the CitySafe Haven campaign. Leaders from St Andrew's United Reformed Church Brockley, St William of York, St. Hilda’s Church, Rushey Green Primary, MP's, Mayors, Councillors, Police Chiefs, temples and Mosques, businesses, local residents and the police helicopter all came together as a community to declare "This is our community, these are our streets, these are our shops, this is a city safe haven, this is OUR city safe Haven". The City Safe haven campaign is based on the principle of bottom up, community led change. City Safe is a campaign organised by charitable alliance CITIZENS UK and LONDON CITIZENS. It grew out of the loss of twelve young lives in CITIZENS institutions across London and is dedicated to Jimmy Mizen. Launched at the O2 in 2009 in front of 2,500 young citizens it has established over 250 Safe Havens across the capital, including Lewisham Town Hall and City Hall. See coverage of the 2 December action in Brockley at:


Visit from Derron Wallace: A big thank you to Derron Wallace, South London Citizens Borough Organiser in Lewisham, for sharing with us at St. Andrew’s.

St. Andrew’s hosts Lewisham Citizens Borough Training:

Saturday, 4 February, 2012, 1pm-5pm
-- a time of training, planning, celebrating!
Everyone welcome to come and have input in our church and community
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South London Citizens Activity

Citizens Activity

PHOTOS:      Lewisham CitySafe Action - South London Citizens Activity